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WCI Media Archives

JUN 22.2009 1.11     
TOPIC: Long-term Care and Medicare/Medicaid Benefits
GUESTS: Sen. John Pappageorge (Michigan State Senator) TIME: 20m

APR 09.2009 1.10      
TOPIC: Taxes Advice & Mediation Options for Caregivers
GUESTS:  Danielle Mayoras (The Center for Elder Law), Pat Bojanic (CPA MST, Gordon Advisors), Mar Sclawy (Family Caregiver Mediation Expert)  TIME: 20m 

MAR 31.2009
TOPIC: Compassion Fatigue
GUESTS:  Lynn Alexander (Your Aging Well Advisor), Dan Koffman (Author, Simple Pleasures for Special Senior Series)  TIME: 20m 

MAR 17.2009
TOPIC: End of Life Care: Hospice, Advocacy, and Celebration
GUESTS:  Ruth Charlebois (Seasons Hospice & Palliative Care), Rabbi Bunni Freedman (The War on Pain), Patricia Reddig (Limelite 360 Events)  TIME: 20m

MAR 10.2009
TOPIC: The Jungles of Elder Law: Medicare and Medicaid
GUESTS:  Rabbi Bunni Freedman (The War on Pain), Danielle Mayoras (The Center for Elder Law)  TIME: 20m  DOCS: War on Pain PDF

MAR 03.2009
TOPIC: Proactive Caregiving for Alzheimer's and Dementia
GUESTS:  Jane Frost (Arden Courts of Bingham Farms), Danielle Mayoras (The Center for Elder Law)  TIME: 20m 

FEB 24.2009
TOPIC: Alzheimer's Disease and Adult Day Programs
GUESTS:  Lisa Ewald (Greater Michigan Chapter Alzheimer's Association), Peter Ostrow (Brown Adult day Services)  TIME: 20m

FEB 10.2009
TOPIC: The Difference: Nursing Home and Assisted Living Facilities
GUESTS:  Rick Mehrer (St. Anne's Meade), Terri Hafner (Sunrise Assisted Living), Charlie Wickens (On-line Sales of Michigan)  TIME: 20m

FEB 03.2009
TOPIC: Sticker Shock: Paying for Senior Care Services
GUESTS:  Dorothy McMahon (McMahon & Associates, LTD), Susan Myers (The Center for Wealth Management)  TIME: 20m
Long Term Care Insurance Info Brochure PDF

JAN 27.2009
TOPIC: The Difference: In-Home Medical & Non-Medical Care
GUESTS:  Tina Rowley (Home Instead Senior Care), Kathryn Bartz(Optimal Care Inc.), Ben Handelsman (1-800-Mini-Storage).  TIME: 20m
Questions to Ask Non-Medical Providers PDF  Top 10 Signs You Need a Medical Home Care Evaluation   1-800-Mini-Storage Free Rent for Caregivers Coupon

JAN 20.2009
TOPIC: 3 Things All Working Caregivers Should Do in 2009
GUESTS:  Lynn Alexander (Your Aging Well Advisor), Nan Wilberding (Home Instead Senior Care), Anne Monaghan (Community Caregiver Training Program).  TIME: 20m

Q&A: Kathryn Bartz